Spa-Worthy Secrets: Keeping Long Island Vacation Rentals Sparkling Clean

Spa-Worthy Secrets: Keeping Long Island Vacation Rentals Sparkling Clean

Think back to the last time you stayed in a hotel. The condition of the bathroom likely shaped your experience-whether terrible or amazing.

A grubby bathroom will often appear on a review site alongside a negative review. A pristine one will welcome you with open arms, and you'll feel like you're in a spa.

That's what you need for your short-term rental in Long Island, New York. Read on for our bathroom cleaning tips for vacation rentals to help wow your guests.

Deep Clean Between Every Guest Booking

Deep cleaning is the best way to ensure the bathroom looks spotless each time a new guest arrives and preserve those all-important positive guest reviews.

It will also help you stay on top of the cleaning demands for that bathroom. Create a checklist for your cleaning schedule to ensure consistent standards for every guest.

Use disinfectant on high-touch areas like handles and switches, but stick to eco-friendly products where possible.

Vinegar and water are perfect for a spotless finish on mirrors and shower glass doors and will help prevent water stains from accumulating.

Provide Some Luxury

High-quality linens can mark out a spa-like luxury stay from something more ordinary. So invest in the best towels and bath mats you can afford on your budget.

Use neutral colors to help accentuate that calm, tranquil atmosphere, and replace them as frequently as possible for guests staying more than a few days.

Consider the Aromas

People's impression of your bathroom isn't only about how clean it looks. It's also about the aroma. A clean, natural scent will make your bathroom appear more luxurious and polished.

Choose natural essential oils via a reed diffuser that is free from chemicals. Scents that work well in bathrooms include lavender, eucalyptus, and jasmine.

Keep It Organized and Clutter-Free

Minimalism is popular in spas and hotel bathrooms because it creates a sense of calm. Do your best to replicate this in your vacation property.

Think about adding storage space in your clean bathroom for towels and toiletries so they aren't cluttered on top of the main units.

If your bathroom is small and you lack space for a cabinet, consider a cupboard space next to your bathroom instead of an extra stock of toilet rolls and cleaning products.

Add Some Personal Touches

Once you have a spotless, modern, minimal bathroom, your final step is to add some personal touches. That will ensure that cleanliness doesn't equal clinical and that guests feel comfortable and at home in your vacation rental.

Add some plants. These look great and also improve the air quality in your bathroom. And provide a clean tray of high-quality miniature toiletries.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips for Vacation Rentals

The bathroom may be the smallest space in your home, but it's often the most important way to make a strong first impression with guests. Use these bathroom cleaning tips for vacation rentals as your starting point.

Managing a vacation rental takes time and effort, so many landlords use a professional property management company instead.

At PMI Gold Coast Properties, your Long Island, New York, rental will be in safe hands with our experienced team and dedication to excellence. Discover our short-term rental services here.