Green and Clean: Sustainable Cleaning Tips for Your Vacation Rental in Long Island, New York

Green and Clean: Sustainable Cleaning Tips for Your Vacation Rental in Long Island, New York

A beautiful, clean vacation home is the perfect starting point for welcoming your guests.

However, don't put off new guests by using harsh chemical products in an effort to make your interiors spotless.

Guests care about the environment and sustainability, and they'll want to see that you are taking an eco-friendly approach. To help, we've put together this guide on eco-friendly cleaning practices for vacation homes in Long Island, New York.

Use Eco-Friendly Products

Many eco-friendly cleaning products on the market nowadays are highly effective in keeping your rental spotless. Using these in your cleaning schedule can add to your sustainability credentials as a real estate investor.

Look for products listed as chemical-free and biodegradable. You can also look for ones in recycled packaging. These modern products will still provide an excellent, hygienic finish and are kinder on the skin when you clean.

Alternatively, you can make homemade cleaning products using everyday kitchen items. Vinegar and water are the perfect cleaning solutions for glass and mirrors.

Make Recycling Easy for Guests

Encouraging your guests to recycle is a great way to make your vacation rental more eco-friendly. Start by adding labeled recycling bins to your property.

You may want to add color-coded bins to your outdoor space that sort paper, metal, glass, and plastic. In the guest booklet, explain the property's recycling rules and why sustainability is vital to staying in the rental.

Conserve Water When Cleaning

Reducing water use is one way to make your cleaning routine more sustainable. Encourage guests to conserve towels across multiple nights unless they need washing.

When doing the laundry between guest visits, use an energy-efficient machine and aim to air dry as much as possible instead of using dryers.

Set the washing machine to a low temperature for easy-to-clean linens, and only use a high temperature for stains. You can also buy eco-friendly laundry detergent to ensure your cleaning routine is kinder to the environment.

Use low-flow showers and faucets to avoid overusing water when cleaning.

Use Chemical-Free Air Fresheners

Your short-term let should look and smell clean. Avoid using a harsh, chemically scented spray to mask odors.

Instead, carefully balance fresh air and essential oils to ensure your vacation property always feels fresh. Good ventilation is vital for fresh air, and some indoor plants will help.

After that, focus on using essential oils and reed diffusers to get a welcoming floral scent throughout your rental.

Inform Guests

Guests may not always know about best practices for sustainably keeping a rental clean, but you can provide information in the guest pack to guide them.

That might include providing items in your rental to minimize waste, like reusable food containers for when guests are out exploring.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices for Vacation Homes

Bookmark these eco-friendly cleaning practices for vacation homes, and make sure suitability is at the top of your list. They will impress guests and be kinder to your home.

There's a lot to manage with vacation rentals, but you don't have to go it alone.

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