Choosing the Right Property Management Services for Your Commercial Proper

Choosing the Right Property Management Services for Your Commercial Proper

Commercial real estate owners play a vital role in building community. They provide the spaces for small businesses to thrive.

If this sounds like your path, it's imperative to find a commercial property management company from the start.

These companies offer a complete suite of services for commercial real estate investors. Marketing, maintenance, financial accounting, and contract negotiations are just some of the services at your disposal.

Let's take a deeper dive into property management services.

Property Maintenance For Your Commercial Building

Before you even think about moving in tenants, you have to prepare your commercial property. Maintainance coordination is everything.

You need a property manager experienced in the following areas:

  • Building relationships with local services
  • Responding to emergency service requests
  • Stellar communication (phone, email, etc.)
  • Health and safety compliance
  • HVAC and electrical
  • Commercial kitchen upgrades

The property managers of PMI Gold Coast Properties use website platforms to receive and respond to maintenance requests. Once a commercial tenant moves in, they're given access to the property management's website portals; these portals also include a 24-hour maintenance request form.

Quick response and high-quality services are a must. However, don't discount the importance of periodic upgrades. Commercial spaces must have updated plumbing, electrical, and HVAC features.

Upgrades are essential for lease renewals. You don't want to lose a great commercial tenant due to outdated wiring or air conditioning.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Property maintenance is also necessary for marketing commercial real estate. You need clean, upgraded spaces to produce eye-catching real estate photos for listings. This means hiring the best commercial painters and landscapers.

Property managers use a combination of techniques to appeal to small business owners.

Strategies may include:

  • Property staging for showings
  • Social media (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Google search ads
  • Email marketing
  • Real estate listing submission
  • Print marketing (brochures, pamphlets, etc.)
  • Signage

You want someone to close deals quickly, negotiating the best price for your commercial properties. Thus, sales tactics are paramount to this role. Working with a property management company means you have your pick from a team of experts, including sales and marketing professionals.

Property Management Services For Commercial Tenants

As a property owner, you want to deliver an exemplary commercial tenant experience. Property managers act as liaisons between you and your tenants. Communication is especially important to busy commercial tenants who are running businesses.

Thus, you need a user-friendly process for rent collection. Tenants should be able to pay their rent easily online using multiple forms of payment. Important information should be readily accessible online, as well.

The lease renewal process should start well before the current lease expires. Property managers understand how to apply incentives to keep great tenants at your location. Incentives may include commercial space upgrades, discounted rent rates, and other perks.

Financial accounting is also vital for maintaining excellent tenant-landlord relations.

Start Growing Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

Don't wait to hire a property management company. Talk to one before closing the deal on your first commercial property. Think about the range of property management services available, from maintenance to tenant experience.

PMI Gold Coast Properties is a full-service commercial property management company. We're standing by waiting to help you grow your rental income!